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Comic Book Buy-It-Nows vs. Auctions on eBay

As published in June 2011 Comics Buyer’s Guide (issue #1678)
Steve Mortensen, columnist since 2004

I’ve noticed a trend on eBay of buyers favoring auctions over “Buy It Now.” In early March, there were 85,617 auctions and 1,689,582 “Buy It Nows” for a total of 1,775,199 comics for sale on eBay. About a year ago, eBay decided to make “Buy It Nows” searchable on the same level as auctions. Personally, I found this overwhelming. Instead of 100,000 or so auctions there were suddenly more than 1.5 million available purchases to be made. (However they now have tabs at the top where you have the choice to only view auctions or only view “Buy It Nows.”)

Before the switch I was selling mainly through “Buy It Now” with a “Best Offer” option, but now I’m selling almost all my comics at auction and finding relatively good results. I find that selling at auction with low opening bids opens up the possibility of auctions ending at lower prices than “Buy It Now.” For instance, I’ve had auctions for Uncanny X-Men #143 (Mar 81) in CGC 9.8 end at $91, $65, $71, and $91. Though that range covers an almost 30% price swing, the upside is that I’m moving product faster and not having to wait around for that “one” buyer to purchase the book at the price I set.

Here are this month’s picks:

Moon Knight #1 (Jun 11). Marvel is re-launching this series yet again with writer Brian Michael Bendis at the helm and Alex Maleev doing the art. The pair has teamed up before on Daredevil with some exciting results. Moon Knight has been one of my favorite characters since childhood. He’s sort of Marvel’s version of Batman with a supernatural twist. Moon Knight’s first appearance in Werewolf by Night #32 (Aug 75) has been a great investment over the years. Only two copies have been graded in CGC 9.8 and neither one shows a record of being sold. CGC 9.6s sell for about $1,500. The CGC 9.6 had a high of $3,479 back in 2009. I imagine it will begin to creep up again as the character becomes increasingly mainstream.

Super Dinosaur #1 (Apr 11). A new series from Image and the mind of Robert Kirkman. It has the premise of a 10-year-old kid and his nine-foot-tall friend, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and their adventures together saving the world. Kirkman has certainly had his big hits like Walking Dead #1 ($530 in CGC 9.8) and Invincible #1 ($250 in CGC 9.8), but he’s also had a couple of duds from an investment point of view — like Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 ($20 in CGC 9.8) and Astounding Wolf-Man #1 ($13 in CGC 9.8). It’s hard to tell at this point where this new series will end up. It might be worth picking up a couple of copies and waiting to find out.

Richie Rich #1 (May 11). Ape Entertainment is bringing back Richie after a nearly 20-year hiatus from comics. It’s a modern reboot with cool art and a fresh take on the characters. Richie Rich’s first appearance was in Little Dot #1 (Sep 53). A CGC 9.0 of the book went for $7,101 back in September 2010. The highest price reached for a Richie Rich #1 (Nov 60) was $29,875 back in May 2006.

FF #1 (May 11). This new series features the new Fantastic Four and is the first appearance of Spider-Man’s white costume. I expect that this issue will be heavily printed but Spider-Man collectors may want to pick it up for the cover alone. Another upcoming Amazing Spider-Man issue with a white costume cover is #660. It will be interesting to see how often Marvel chooses to use that suit for the character and the reaction of fans to the change.

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