Giggity, gittity!

As published in September 2011 Comics Buyer’s Guide (issue #1681)
Steve Mortensen, columnist since 2004

Family Guy is coming back to comics, brought to you by little-known publisher Titan Comics – Giggity, gittity! The first Family Guy comic was published in 2006 by Devil’s Due. I couldn’t find any sales data on issue #1 although I have a copy of it. I’ll send it in for grading and see what happens.

I don’t devote much time to the statue market, but Bowen Designs is coming out with a really cool Thor statue designed by Randy Bowen himself. The retail price is $250—a hefty sum—but some Bowen statues have done quite well. A rare Bowen chrome Silver Surfer recently sold for $600. A full size Thanos statue in box recently sold for $500. Bowen’s Classic Green Hulk statue sells steadily at $500-550. Picking the right statue to buy is not easy. I purchased 10 copies of Gentle Giant’s Saruman back in the Lord of the Rings days thinking I would make a killing, but instead lost money. Anyway, I learned it’s best to stick to what I know.

Here are this month’s picks:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (IDW) – IDW is launching a new TMNT series this summer written by Kevin Eastman, one of the creators of the TMNT back in the early 1980s. The Turtles have a great cult following and many fans including myself are looking for a return to their original glory. I remember buying issue #2 off the shelf. That comic now sells for $250-350 in CGC 9.8. Issue #1 of the original series in first print is extremely hard to find in any grade since very few were printed. A CGC 9.6 sold for $7,000 in February 2010. The NECA TMNT figures have also been a hot commodity on eBay. I sold a set of the four Turtles for over $250. I think I paid about $12 per figure when they first came out. They’re really nice with many points of articulation – probably the best action figures produced of the characters to date.

Superman Beyond #0 – A former animated series character, this incarnation of Superman gets his own series. Following the success of Adam Beechan’s Batman Beyond series, Superman Beyond may make a fan base with the future generation of comic collectors hoping for a new spin on Superman. Personally I’ve been drawn to the future Batman and Superman characters because they offer a fresh take on the characters. The earliest graded copy I could find of Batman Beyond was in 1999 with issue #1. It sold in CGC 9.8 for $36 in July 2010.

Butcher Baker Righteous Maker #1 – Like Blue Estate, this is another Image Comic that is selling really well. I have to say that I was surprised by some of the adult material. It seemed to me to be more of an adult title rather than a “Mature Readers” book – just something to keep in mind. The art is great and I can see why people have really taken to it. It combines the blunt and whimsical, which is a hard combination to pull off. As of this writing the comic is selling for about eight dollars ungraded. I haven’t seen any graded copies up for sale.

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Steve Mortensen owns Miracle Comics and, a free online community for sharing all your collectibles. When not selling comics, Steve works as art director for Santa Clara, CA based biotech firm Affymetrix. He can be reached at

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